Friday Small Jazz Combo Class 
Spring (January-May)

(One day, weekly) Small Jazz Combo Improvisation classes for Middle and High School students meet from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Beginning and Intermediate sections are offered. Students work in small groups of 6-10 members. They mentor with Alaska Jazz Master artists/educators including: John Damberg, and Mark Manners. Topics covered include: basic to advanced improvisation skills development, music theory, song forms, Jazz History, repertoire, teaming skills, and developing music business skills. Students perform at least one recital concert per semester during the school year.

This beginning section is for students just beginning to improvise. Students need to know the notes on their instrument, be able to read musc and play at least six major scales. This class will focus on developing basic improvisation skills including: music interval, chord, blues, major & minor scales, and key center recognition. Students will explore five songs in the 12 bar blues form in different rhythmic feels including: Funk, Swing, Slow Blues, Bossa Nova, and New Orleans 2nd Line Style March. 

The Intermediate section is for students who have past experience improvising in a school group or an AJW group. They need to prove, via the placement audition, they have mastered the basic improvisational skills covered in the AJW Beginning section. These sections focus on soloing over more advanced song forms, chord changes and rhythm styles. Application/Info